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It's our goal to provide as much information to you as possible. We hope to keep you apprised of our direction and new things of interest to you through our press releases. Media inquiries should be directed to the Bigwig Races main number (719) 362-3306.

Press Releases

Sponsorship Proposals


We are always looking to review proposals for us to sponsor running related events, clubs, etc. Find out the process here.

Sponsorship Proposals

Advertising Proposals


Submit proposals for trading or selling advertising to us here. We only advertise in running related web sites, magazines, newspapers, radio shows, etc.

Advertising Proposal Information

Logo Files and Usage


The core component of Bigwig Races' identity is the corporate logo. Bigwig Races has established guidelines for usage of its corporate logo and other brand identity elements. In order for us to achieve maximum brand recognition and logo fidelity, we ask that you follow these guidelines carefully.

Logo Downloads & Usage Guidelines